About Us

We believe that with the gift of a menstrual cup a person can be empowered. Menstrual Cups are quite simply life-changing.

About our company

MyCup™ is made in New Zealand by My Cup NZ Ltd, a Social Enterprise that is actively changing peoples lives. MyCup™ was founded in 2017 by Kimberli Schuitman, although the research and development of their products was started in Early 2016.

Our Social Mission

MyCup™ will provide a long term , sustainable, body positive, cost-effective menstrual product alternative to all women in New Zealand. MyCup™ works with a buy-one-give-one model,  whereby every cup we sell also includes a donated cup to our community. These cups are then distributed via our community partners by people passionate about improving peoples lives.

We want to:

  • To honour and empower the women in our communities
  • To provide a sustainable and long term menstrual management solution
  • To save REAL money in communities that need assistance
  • To help young girls understand their bodies more and talk openly about their periods
  • To show that we can truly make social change and create a ripple effect like no other

What we do in the background

We continue to work on research and development on our products and the future of this project. We talk to a lot of people and forge relationships with community groups to help distribute menstrual cups. we also spend a LOT of time working with customers and helping them on their cup journey!

Why do we do it

Women have been forced to hide behind closed doors when it comes to menstruation. Often girls and women in our own communities are forced to stay home whilst they have their periods. They simply cannot afford the most basic of menstrual hygiene products. They miss school, work, university and most importantly feel hopeless and alone in their exclusion for normal life.

MyCup™ wants to end period poverty in New Zealand within 5 years. We want to set a benchmark for the rest of the world to follow.

Menstrual Cups are “Life-Changing” – join in and help your community and have some fun with us along the way!

Meet our Team

Kimberli Schuitman – Founder of MyCup™

Hi, my name is Kimberli, mother of two gorgeous girls and wife to a crazy French man who makes me laugh! They are the centre of my world and make all of this adventure of life worth while!

I am also passionate about business start-ups and the journey they take me on. I started, developed and have successfully run 4 companies since 2002. I still maintain one of my businesses which has enabled  me to setup and develop the social enterprise “MyCup™. My other two business were sold at the beginning of 2017 to fund this project.

I feel that I have been very lucky in my business life, mentored by my late “best mate” and Dad, who gave me the practical tools I needed to develop my ideas and care for my staff. Because of this I wanted to give back to the community that has supported me so well over the years.

MyCup™ was the perfect opportunity to do this. I discovered menstrual cups some years ago and at the time they literally changed my life! I was no longer a slave to disposable menstrual products and menstrual cups made my period so easy and care-free! MyCup™ also ticked all the boxes for sustainability, as I am very worried about how much waste we are all putting into our environment. Owning a menstrual cup can make a huge change to a waste footprint over a lifetime!

I wanted to share this with everyone and MyCup™ emerged out of the dust! It has been a crazy journey but each day has been an adventure. I have been supported by so many people: Medical Experts, Engineers, Designers, IP Experts and R & D Support People to name a few. Thank you also to the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, Callaghan Innovations and SIFT (Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust) who through their belief in my ideas provided me with the seed funding to launch my project, without them we would not be here with this wonderful cup!

Last but not least I want to thank my staff who have stuck by me and my crazy ideas for the last 2 years. Without them I would be lost, they are the most valuable asset I have in my business. Not only are they the best staff anyone could wish for they are my some of my best friends. Thank you ladies you make my days brighter and full of laughter!

MyCup™ is all about changing lives, not only can we change a life but you can change one by buying a cup for yourself! We want to end period poverty in NZ within the next 5 years, that is the goal. You can help by donating a cup or buying one for yourself!




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