Vitals Period Underwear – Sleek


Vitals Period Underwear – Sleek

  • Vitals Sleek period undie is cheeky and fitted. Lower rise fit with no-dig waistband makes it perfect under anything.
  • The comfiest period underwear that absorbs up to 3 tampons or 25ml of flow with ease.
  • Wear it solo or team up with your regular period products.
  • More details and sizing below. HINT: If you usually wear a size 12, choose a size 12-14 in Vitals Sleek

** Please check the size chart before purchasing. WE DO NOT EXCHANGE OR REFUND ANY PERIOD UNDERWEAR FOR HYGIENE REASONS. We suggest buying one pair first to check the size. 

  • Vitals Sleek Size 6-8
  • Vitals Sleek Size 8-10
  • Vitals Sleek Size 10-12
  • Vitals Sleek Size 12-14
  • Vitals Sleek Size 14-16
  • Vitals Sleek Size 16-18
  • Vitals Sleek Size 18-20
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Vitals Period Underwear – Sleek

Is also available in other style: Vitals Classic period undie is full and cosy. Medium rise fit with full bum coverage makes it as comfy as your bed.

Fabric: Bamboo, Cotton, Eco-PU, materials are plant-based or synthetic neutral.


  • Wear it like your regular undie.
  • Rinse after use with cold water until the water runs clear.
  • Cold-Wash in machine or by hand with detergent.
  • Air-Dry is best. Tumble dry at no heat only.

How many do I need?

  • 5-7 is best for the whole cycle.
  • 3-5 is good if using as a backup.

Want to know how to use period underwear? Video Here

Want to know how to wash period underwear?


Vitals Size Guide


Vitals Sleek Size 6-8, Vitals Sleek Size 8-10, Vitals Sleek Size 10-12, Vitals Sleek Size 12-14, Vitals Sleek Size 14-16, Vitals Sleek Size 16-18, Vitals Sleek Size 18-20