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Botanical Bath Bomb

Botanical Bath Bomb

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These BAR OF HOPE Botanical Bath Bombs are packed with skin-loving ingredients that will also provide an olfactory experience. Plant-based, vegan-friendly, these delightful bath bombs lovingly crafted and packaged by hand, so expect a unique product just for you.

Enjoy Lady Lavender as a soothing treat before bed, or the whimsy of Chill & Feel, which was created especially for us by Petra, to delight you with its pops of indigo blue, mixed in with crushed rose petals and magical kawakawa.

Typical bath bombs can be FULL of chemicals. They may be pretty, but are typically full of unnatural fragrances and colours that can throw off your PH balance (for your lady parts) and can cause things like thrush (no thank you!). These BAR OF HOPE bath bombs are infused with beautiful natural ingredients and fragranced with essential oils, which are not only good for your skin, but you can breathe in and enjoy the natural aromatherapy.

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