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Meretini Bennett-Huxtable

"I purchased my first a ‘Tati’ cup back in 2017 from the website and while I did have my issues in the first month, googling videos to see how to insert and remove, it wasn’t until after a few attempts in the shower practicing and then completely understanding what my body was like that I discovered the life changing value that is a cup. I decided to try a few different types, hard and soft, large and small hand bought many for family members to try before settling on my current cup a Size 2 Mycup. Living rural meant that when we upgraded our waste water system I had an opportunity to really consider what was going to go into the new bio system we had purchased and I’m so grateful that we are not clogging up the septic with period pollution. I am a strong Māori advocate for Papatūānuku and a more ecocentric connection to our taiao (environment). MyCup has helped us to experience our īkura, awa atua, or flow with as little hassle as possible and in comfort"

Veronica Chavez

“What started out as a move towards a more sustainable lifestyle quickly turned into a blanket of security and reassurance, because I NEVER had to run to the shops for tampons or pads again! I take my MyCup with me anywhere and everywhere I go. It is by far on the top ten things to have when travelling.”

grace moore

"For me, the biggest benefit of using MyCup has been the intimacy, understanding, and respect I've gained for my body and its natural rhythms. After kicking hormonal birth control and being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, I embarked on a journey to really understand my body and reverse the symptoms of PCOS. MyCup was a significant part of that journey, encouraging me to be more conscious about what was going into my body, really know my own anatomy and become in tune with my cycles. I'm really squeamish and the one and only time I tried to use a tampon as a teenager, I fainted, so using a cup seemed miles from my comfort zone. But I promise you, it was easy to insert, comfortable, and didn't leak, even with the heavy periods I had following my copper IUD insertion. I truly believe that these little silicone cups have the ability to empower women to take charge of their menstrual health, fight period poverty in New Zealand and save tonnes of waste from our landfills every year. And if a tampon-fainter like me can do it, you can too!"

Shandre Theron

"Using a menstrual cup, more specifically a MyCup, has changed my life in every aspect. My social life is no longer impacted by the thought of spills and the feeling of uncomfortable sanitary products. The experience has been a seamless transition. MyCup is so educational, on the impact we have on the environment, how this product combats it and decreases toxic waste, I have become more accountable and aware of the products I use, so it has had an influential impact on my sustainable decisions. Not to mention the donations being made to thousands in need, the social responsibility that I am now apart of is incredible for people all around the world! I no longer have to worry about saving money for sanitary products or freaking out when I run out of them in the midst of my period. MyCup is always readily available and the easiest, comfortable most enjoyable product I have ever invested in."

Shanna Porima

“Call it serendipity, if it wasn’t for MyCup I’d still be on the pill, I’ve saved so much money and helped family members save too by gifting them one, MyCup has been a life changer! I went from full on 7 day Heavy periods and with MyCup it has minimised to 5-7 days. I’m able to go out and not have to stress if there is a bin to be able to throw out sanitary products, Life changer! Thank you MyCup”

  • Sustainable Packaging

    compostable and recyclable

  • Made in NZ

    support local business

  • Cost Effective

    only buy once!

  • Kind to your body

    no chemical nasties

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