What is a Menstrual Cup?

♥ A Menstrual Cup is a healthy alternative to using tampons. It is healthy for your body, your wallet and the planet.

♥ A Menstrual Cup collects your menstrual fluid and can hold up to 4 x the amount of a tampon.

♥ A Menstrual Cup collects rather than absorbs, so your precious natural lubricants are retained keep your vagina healthy. 

♥ Menstrual Cups are super easy to use and cannot be felt when inserted. It's almost like you don't have your period when you use a menstrual cup. 

♥ A Menstrual Cup is the single most sustainable period product in the world. By using one you reduce your waste to landfill by 2.95 kgs per year and you kg C02 eq emissions by an average of 5kgs per year. AMAZING!


How to use: 

  • Find the right size
  • To insert you fold your cup  - cups go in easily as they are soft and smooth. 
  • A menstrual cup sits below your cervix and forms a natural seal with your vaginal walls. It is super comfortable. 
  • You can wear a menstrual cup day or night and even use while you are swimming!
  • You can leave a menstrual cup in for up to 8 hours
  • MyCup menstrual cups are made form medical grade silicone - this makes them very safe to use.
Madge the Vag
  • Sustainable Packaging

    compostable and recyclable

  • Made in NZ

    support local business

  • Cost Effective

    only buy once!

  • Kind to your body

    no chemical nasties

Our Range of Menstrual Cups


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Cleaning Products

Practical cleaning tips and products to help you keep you cup clean!


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My Cup supports The Good Fund by donating menstrual cups to its mahi.

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