5 tips to keep you connected to your partner when you have your flow

5 tips to keep you connected to your partner when you have your flow

Your period is a natural part of life, but it doesn't have to be a barrier to intimacy and connection with your partner. In fact, it can be an opportunity to strengthen your bond. Here are five tips to help you stay connected with your partner during your period. 

1. Open Communication:
  • This may seem obvious but honest and open communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. It does also get forgotten about in times of stress and frustration. Let your partner know about your menstrual cycle and how it affects you physically and emotionally. This creates understanding and empathy, fostering a stronger connection.   
2. Empowerment Through Education:
  • Educate both yourself and your partner about menstrual health. Understanding the menstrual cycle, its phases, and the changes your body goes through can reduce misconceptions and discomfort.  
3. Emotional Support:
  • Your partner can provide emotional support during your period. Sometimes, all it takes is a shoulder to lean on or a kind word. Encourage your partner to check in with you, ask how you're feeling, and offer emotional reassurance. This fosters trust and connection. 

4. Shared Self-Care:
  • Embrace self-care rituals together. Light some candles, run a warm bath, or give each other a gentle shoulder massage. Engaging in self-care activities as a couple can be soothing and promote closeness.  
5. Try New Things:
  • Don't let your period put a halt to physical intimacy. Experiment with different forms of intimacy that you both feel comfortable with during this time. Cuddling, kissing, or even just holding hands can maintain a sense of closeness. You might also consider trying period-friendly sexual intercourse, there are many cups and discs available now that allow for mess free period sex. Ziggy Cup being one of our favourites.  

Bonus Tip: Planning Ahead: 

  • If you're comfortable with it, plan your intimate moments around your cycle. Knowing when you're most comfortable and least likely to experience discomfort can help you both enjoy a satisfying and connected experience. 

Remember that a loving and supportive partner will understand and accommodate your needs during your period. Use this time to strengthen your emotional connection and deepen your bond. Ultimately, embracing your body's natural rhythms can lead to a more fulfilling and intimate relationship.


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