Did you know MyCup™ is available for wholesale worldwide? 

That’s right, you can now secure New Zealand’s favourite menstrual cup and other leading reusable menstrual care products by simply setting up an account on our website. Creating an account only takes a few moments and will ensure you can have immediate and easy access to top up your stock levels as and when you require.  

How good is that!? 

Becoming a wholesaler also allows you to access wholesale rates on some other top menstrual care brands including Love Luna Period Underwear and Intimina products.  


Here is a step-by-step guide on the process: 


Step One:  

Head over to the following link to learn more about our wholesale pricing and to begin the application process. 

Step Two:

If you have reviwed the above information
and are ready to start the application process, you can complete the
application form here. This will allow us to review your account once it has been

We will endeavor to get back to you in
relation to your application as soon as possible.


Step Three:

You will be notified initially once you
have submitted your application and then again once your account has been
confirmed. If for any reason you feel there to be a prolonged delay in our team
getting back to you, please initially review your junk folder, or feel free to
reach out to us at wholesale@mycup.co.nz to request an update on your status.

Step Four:

Once your account is confirmed you will
be provided with some further instructions to complete your account including
creating your own unique password. N.B Please await this confirmation before
creating a login for the website.

For further reference, you will need to
ensure you are always logged in with this login information for the future for
all wholesale pricing to be displayed.


Step Five:

Once you have successfully logged in you
will be able to navigate to our wholesale section indicated below. This will
allow you to review the different products associated to restock on all your favourite

All items (when logged in) that have access
to a wholesale rate will have a strikethrough the original retail price. This
reflects the adjusted wholesale rate. If for any reason you do not see this
applied for the MyCup™, Intimina or Love Luna products as
displayed like below, please reach out to us at wholesale@mycup.co.nz and we will be more than happy to look into this for you.

Happy shopping and thank you once again for
considering being stockist of our products!