Heavy Flow Period Products

When you buy reusable period products you need to "Know your flow". You also need to make sure you pick the right sized menstrual cup based on the size of your vagina rather than the heaviness of your flow. A lot of people make the mistake of choosing a large menstrual cup based on their flow and then discover it is just too big for their body. Please find out more about cup size HERE.

When choosing period underwear please note that any reusable period product might leak if you have a "gush flow" - this is when you have a gush of fluid at regular intervals, rather than a constant flow. For a very heavy "gush" type flow we recommend using a menstrual cup in conjunction with heavy flow period underwear.

No period product is perfect and must be chosen wisely based on your body type and flow.

If you are unsure please call us on 0800 692 876 to help you find what will work for your body best. Or contact us HERE


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