We are still pinching each other as we cant believe that My Cup NZ was selected as a finalist for the Canterbury Champion Business Awards in the Producer/Manufacturer Small Enterprise Category.

My Cup NZ can now formally announce that we are the first company ever to manufacture a Menstrual Cup in New Zealand – we are so excited!

Last night it was formally announced at the PWC Centre and now we can share it with you!

We would like to thank The Canterbury Chamber of Commerce (especially Jessie Simkiss) and The Sustainable Initiatives Funds Trust for providing us with grants and seed funding for our project! It has launched us to a new level within our business. We are so grateful for the insights you have given us into our business and the project ahead. Thanks also to our customers who continue to support us and also for their generous donations of menstrual cups to people who are living in period poverty!


Here is our Press release statement:

“My Cup NZ has engaged local manufacturers, engineers, and designers to produce the first ever New Zealand-made menstrual cup. The production of this menstrual cup generates new opportunities for manufacturing and employment in New Zealand, as well as a fully exportable ‘home-grown’ product of the highest quality, bringing new export revenue streams into our economy. We are driven by our strong social mission to provide all women access to a menstrual cup regardless of their socio-economic situation. My Cup is engaged in nationwide programs to subsidize menstrual cups into areas of need, and will actively transform people’s lives with the benefits of these amazing products”.

Finalist Certificate

Our cups are currently in prototype and testing phase so we are hoping to have them available for our customers later on in the year. We will keep you updated as we move through the various stages of this project – it is imperative that these cups are perfect before we get them to you! It is a huge and lengthy project but at least you can be assured that these cups have been thoroughly researched and carefully designed to the highest standards!

Keep spreading the word on menstrual cups and let us know if you have a project in mind to distribute menstrual cups to those in need!

More on this coming soon!

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