How does Love Luna period underwear actually work?

How does Love Luna period underwear actually work?

Period underwear are an amazing thing to discover! If you are new to this reusable period game, you are probably wondering how Love Luna underwear actually work. 

Love Luna period underwear has a super comfortable in-built pad. The four layers of protection include: 

Layer 1: Soft cotton layer, on the inside closest to your skin all day or night. 

Layer 2: Absorbent padding that’s breathable, that can catch up to 10-15ml of menstrual fluid. Thats about 2-3 tampons’ worth! 

Layer 3: Waterproof layer that protects your sheets and clothes and prevents awkward accidents. 

Layer 4: Sleek microfibre or cotton outer layer (depending on your choice of underwear) 

Measuring only 3mm in thickness, the padding area is discreet for everyday wear. 

If you know your flow well, you can wear Love Lunas on their own or as a back-up with a cup.  

There are so many styles to choose from, all in different shapes and colours, so that you can find the perfect period underwear to suit your body. We also have swimwear, so you can go for a splash without the worry of leaks!  

If you’re new to the reusable period underwear game, we suggest you try your Love Lunas on a lighter day of your period or when you are at home, as an “experiment” day to learn how these beautiful briefs can work for you! 

Starting at the low, low price of $17, Love Lunas are an affordable, sustainable option, suitable for everyone. 

Always make sure to wash your period underwear before your first wear and follow their care instructions. By taking good care of your Love Lunas, you can be sure they will take care of you for years to come! 

The simple question to ask now is: Do you choose to reuse?  

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