How many pairs of period underwear do I need to cover a menstrual cycle?

How many pairs of period underwear do I need to cover a menstrual cycle?

We hate to divert to the common phrase but ‘all bodies are different’. A cop out of a line but annoyingly true. Your personal period flow can differ from other women. Some have hectic periods lasting over 7 days, some have it mellow lasting only 4 days (curse them). Don’t worry, we won’t leave this question unanswered. We do have a base number to play off. 

Research tells us that the average menstrual cycle runs for 28 - 35 days – there are 4 phases to this cycle: From egg releasing from the fallopian tube > the egg getting absorbed into the uterus lining > the period > the ovary brewing up another egg to release to kick off the cycle again. (that’s the condensed simplified run down) 

When you bleed this is a literal mark to indicate this is day 1 of your menstrual cycle and menstrual phase. Bleeding, on average, normally lasts for 4-7 days. So, we suggest 5 to 7 pairs of period proof underwear to see you through your menstrual phase. And you will probably have to do a load of washing during that time.  

The first few days of your period can be heavy. Your uterus has built up a blood lining to nurture the egg but alas it did not get fertilised so a cleansing happens. When the blood lining gets flushed out it is a beautiful bloody combo of blood and vaginal mucus. Full brief Love Lunas are particularly handy when on this heavy flow. 4 layers of absorbency built into the undies and the wide coverage (to the backside) offers the best protection against leaks. Full brief can hold up to 2 tampons worth of blood.  

When the flow has slowed you can switch up to the midi brief – these are more suitable for medium period flows. They still have four layers of absorbency like the full brief but are designed to be more hip hugging and versatile for workouts. Pair your period undies with a menstrual cup then you can really play with your combos and feel super protected on your flow.  

Formula :  

1 MyCup up to 7 days – washing and re-inserting after emptying 

3 x full briefs to cover heavy flows over 3days 

4 x midi briefs for medium to cover 4 days 

If you’re solely on period underwear to cover the duration of your period, we would suggest up to 10 pairs. Doubling up on Love Luna full briefs day and night for the first 3 days of your heavy flow, or grab yourself a pair of our ModiBodi Full Brief HeavyReducing to 1 full brief on day 4 then using Love Luna midi briefs for the final days of your period.  

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