How to remove your Ziggy Cup and the Ziggy low down

How to remove your Ziggy Cup and the Ziggy low down

It’s time to take back your empowerment and intimacy when you have your period.  The Ziggy Menstrual Cup has become a trusted companion for those who seek a seamless blend of comfort and convenience during their periods. But the question often remains… Now that we have completed the horizontal dance in the sheets, how the heck do I get this thing out of me? 

Ready to master the Ziggy Cup removal dance?   


Step 1: Channel Your Inner Magician: It's showtime, folks! Imagine you're pulling off the grandest magic trick ever – but instead of a rabbit, it's your Ziggy Cup that's about to make an exit. Ta-da!  

Step 2: Break the Cup Seal Drama: Gently give your Ziggy Cup's seal a little "talk" while you insert your fingers into your vagina – tell it you're breaking up, it's not you, it's the period. Cup seal drama, handled like a pro!  

Step 3: The Ziggy Tango: As you ease out the Ziggy Cup, after you have broken the seal, let your hips sway to the rhythm of the Ziggy Tango. Who knew removing a cup could be such a graceful performance?  

Step 4: Victorious Pour & Rinse: Pour the contents of the Ziggy Cup like you're toasting to your period's departure. Cheers, to a mess-free victory! Rinse it out, because cups deserve a spa day too.  

Step 5: Encore, Please: It's time for your Ziggy Cup to take its encore! With the confidence of a rock star, reinsert it for the next act. The Encore, because you're the star of this show!  


But wait there is more… 

One of the standout features of the Ziggy Cup is its flat-fit design. Crafted to rest against the cervix and sit comfortably in the vaginal fornix, it offers a unique alternative to traditional cups. The flat-fit design ensures minimal intrusion, granting freedom of movement and comfort throughout your day and play time… 

Empowerment comes in many forms, and the Ziggy Cup is a testament to that truth. Embrace the revolution that is the Ziggy Cup, and redefine your period with confidence, intimacy, and a touch of modern magic. Your period journey just got a whole lot brighter. 


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