Menstrual Cup Sizes After Childbirth: A Guide for New Mums

Menstrual Cup Sizes After Childbirth: A Guide for New Mums

Pregnancy and childbirth are mind-blowing experiences that can impact various aspects of a woman's life, including her choice of menstrual products. If you've recently given birth or are planning to, you might be wondering whether you'll need a different menstrual cup size postpartum…

Menstrual cups typically come in two sizes: small and large. The reason for this distinction lies in the changes that childbirth can bring to the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal canal. Small menstrual cups are generally recommended for individuals who haven't given birth vaginally. These cups are usually more compact and narrower, making them easier to insert and position in a pre-childbirth vagina. Large menstrual cups are designed for individuals who have given birth vaginally. These cups are slightly wider and have a larger capacity to accommodate the potential changes in the vaginal canal and cervix position after childbirth.

After childbirth, whether it's a vaginal birth or a caesarean section, your body undergoes various changes. Vaginal delivery can lead to temporary stretching of the vaginal canal. While the vagina is a remarkably elastic organ, some women may find that a small-sized menstrual cup feels less comfortable or secure postpartum, also the position of the cervix can change after childbirth. It might sit lower in the vaginal canal than it did before, which can affect how a menstrual cup sits and whether it seals effectively. Your menstrual flow volume can change postpartum. Some women experience heavier periods after giving birth, which may require a larger cup size with a higher capacity.

Choosing the right menstrual cup size after birth is a matter of personal comfort and preference. Chatting to your midwife before using a menstrual cup postpartum can help you understand what size to go for. They can provide insights based on your specific circumstances. Choosing the right menstrual cup size after childbirth is a personal decision. While many individuals find that a larger size offers increased comfort and reliability, ultimately, your comfort and confidence during postpartum periods should guide your choice. You got this mumma.


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