Menstrual Cups in Schools

Menstrual Cups in Schools

Menstrual cups can be included in part of the school sexuality program. As early as Year 6 Girls & boys are shown what tampons and pads look like. They are exposed to the concept of periods and how tampons and pads are used. Girls as young as 8 and 9 are starting their menses even before the conversation is started in the school environment. It’s pretty simple actually, if a girl can use a tampon, they can use a cup. And if they are taught about tampons and pads from year 6 level, then menstrual cups should be included in the conversation.

We would love to help get menstrual cups into schools to be included as part of the sexuality kit for teachers. We would like to provide information on how to describe a menstrual cup and how it can be used.

In 2018 we will be making a cup designed specifically for girls aged 12-18 years old. If you think that every girl in New Zealand should:

  1. Have access to a free menstrual cup at year 8 level (12-13 years)
  2. Be shown a menstrual cup along with tampons and pads in their sexuality education class


Please complete this form below if you would like to order a MyCup™ School Kit. The kit contains:

  • 2 menstrual cups (your choice of size)
  • 2 cotton bags for storage of your cups
  • 2 Instructions on how to use a menstrual cup
  • Information for teachers and children on what a menstrual cup is and why we use them
  • Access to the information sheets above online for printing (updates included)

The Cost of the kit is $50.00, yearly updates on the information sheets are free!

Waste-Free-School-Period Kit | ENQUIRE NOW!

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