My Cup NZ | Eco-Packaging Release!

My Cup NZ | Eco-Packaging Release!

We have been so fortunate to have found fabulous plastic free packaging for our parcels heading out to our customers.

My Cup teamed up with Courierpost to come up with a way that we can send small parcels around NZ at a similar price to their current soft plastic DL and A5 courier bags. Our amazing local Courierpost manager applied to the pricing team and explained how we just cant keep buying plastic courier bags as it is against our company ethics. They were cost effective but as we send out so many parcels it becomes a real issue for us as we hate to see all that single use plastic leaving our premises each day.

My Cup Eco-Packaging

After a lot of conversations with A LOT of courier companies Courierpost stepped up to the mark and found us a solution. They approved our request and we now have the most AMAZING way of sending you your parcels. We sourced a local box company to supply us with die-cut kraft boxes and by buying them in bulk we were able to get them at less than half the price of what other box suppliers are selling them for. We found a local supplier of gummed paper tape that is stuck on by using a damp sponge. It is super sticky and impossible to remove once it has stuck to the box!

We want to share this with you as we think that everyone should be able to send small things around NZ without using plastic. What you need to do to be able to ship small parcels this way:

  • Contact Courierpost and set up an account with them. You can also call them on 0800 268 743.
  • Talk to your new account manager about sending small parcels sized 175 x 65 x 130mm and under. Ask them for a contract ticket for your sized box, each company that applies will be assessed according to the volume of orders that are sent out.
  • Set up ESHIP with Courierpost and integrate it with Xero or any other platform you may use (ask your account manager to do this for you. ESHIP is awesome and saves your company time and money!
  • Contact CartonPack and order KRAFT die-cut boxes. Negotiate with them and make a decent order so they can be flexible with the price. See their range here.
  • Find a local supplier of gummed paper tape. We sourced ours from Gordon Harris in Christchurch, they have great prices!
  • Buy a cool “please reuse or recycle” stamp from the talented Sarah Grieg! (message her via her facebook page).

We have not been paid by any of these companies to endorse their products or services, we just want to share our system so that more people can send small parcels cost effectively around NZ!

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