Northland Wahine

Northland Wahine

Our free cup program is reaching far and wide. Our Kiko Cups have been the popular choice for Northland!

Erana and her friends have fully embraced Menstrual cups, here is her amazing review on how it has changed her life!

“Finally! I finally got my hands on the famous KIKO CUPS thanks to Season-Mary Downs & Dion-Willow Prime & a little chat with my friends & my family of Wahine. The menstrual/period cup literally changing lives in Taitokerau. At first it’s daunting, I thought ‘HOW THE HELL AM I GONNA GET THAT FROM A TO B’ ? B = Inside. Engari it wasn’t that hard & feels great. There is a confidence in its protection & ability to hold for up to 11 hours as opposed to my past every 1hour. There is a peace & harmony in my wairua that I’m helping to save our environment from 1000s of tampons & pads and thousands in $avings for our tribe. Today marks a great new era for me and my family of women ❤ #KIKOcupsFORlife”

And the next day……..

”WARNING ⚠ Period/Menstrual Korero below.
I WILL NEVER USE TAMPONS/PADS EVER AGAIN.. My daughter will use KIKO CUPS, my mokos & so on.

I have never felt so confident, so free, so empowered to go about my full on days without once worrying, ‘Will I spill!?’…. or ‘Is my pad or string showing!?’… or ‘OMG I run out of tampons!’…. or asking ‘Do you have any pads or tampons I can borrow!?’

The highlight for me going to any whareiti (toilet) without a handbag or without hiding my pad or tampon in my pocket. I just went toilet ? Sleeping right through without worrying I’ve spilt. And just not BUYING or having to carry tampons/pads in general ?

You have to get past the small task of retrieving & re-inserting which becomes normal quickly and couple fingers get a teeny messy… But nothing hand soap & hot water can’t handle and all of this I achieve in 1min. Now when I look down I don’t see disgusting smelly used tampons/pads YUCK! In fact for me this is even cleaner IT DOESNT SMELL? This is LIFE CHANGING! So life EMPOWERING!

Thankyou Season-Mary Downs & Dion-Willow Prime & Nandy for bringing these into my/our lives ❤“

Season-Mary Downs and Willow-Jean Prime are two of our community partners up in Northland. They are from the Tukau Community Trust which does incredible work in the towns of Moerewa and Kawakawa.


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