Pink Packets

Pink Packets

Women are using socks as sanitary pads and stealing tampons from supermarkets as they struggle with “period poverty”, a counsellor says.

Zarna Blossom said she was shocked at the level of poverty in Marlborough for what she called a “basic human need”, which even forced some teenage girls to skip school.

Blossom and friend Milinda Higgins decided to start Pink Packets, a new initiative helping women unable to afford sanitary products.

They use funds raised to purchase Sanitary items and most importantly menstrual cups to END the period poverty cycle.

Pink Packets runs local fundraising events and are active on social media to ensure the message gets out into our community that #PeriodPoverty does exist in their area and they are here to help end it.

So PLEASE donate today and share with your family and friends.

Check out some of their media on their project here:


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