Public bathrooms and your cup

Public bathrooms and your cup

You are officially a cup user. Congratulations. It took a couple of months of practise, getting the right fold, sorting out your cup size and trying not to spill any contents on the bathroom floor. Now that those hurdles have been hightailed, I will bring you another one that might stump you at first, create anxiety or just make you shake your head and say ‘nup, not for me’. 

Before all those things kick in, take a read and see if it IS possible for YOU to empty your cup in a public bathroom.  

Public bathrooms are there to serve a purpose. To allow us to relieve ourselves in a public setting that is private, and if you are lucky, clean and hygienic.  

Not all bathrooms are equipped with the necessary items you will need to wash your cup, but the MyCup team have come up with 3 handy tips to make your public bathroom cup adventure slightly easier.  

Handy Tip 1: Carry a water bottle! As well as for hydrating purposes carrying a water bottle with you is a key ingredient when cleaning your cup in a public bathroom. Once in the toilet cubicle, remove your cup and empty its contents into the toilet bowl. Rinse the cup over the toilet with your water bottle. Pop it back up into your vagina and off you go. Mission complete.  

Tip 2:  carrying an extra cup is always a great idea! Take out your cup when it needs changing. Insert your extra one that is clean and sterile. Easy peasy, and you can wash/sterilise your used one when you get home.  

Tip 3: If you are lucky enough to be in a toilet cubicle with a hand basin then you have a perfect spot to rinse your cup. Definitely empty your cup in the toilet first! Wash in the sink and insert again.  

Once you get home you can give your cup a quick wash with your menstrual cup wash to ensure the surfaces of your cup are clean. Always rinse with fresh running water after using your cup wash.  


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