Reetah Mitchell – Days for Girls Christchurch

Reetah Mitchell – Days for Girls Christchurch

Reetah Mitchell is the Co-Team Leader of the Days for Girls, Christchurch Team. They are passionate about the education of girls. It’s outrageous simple biology is one of the main issues forcing girls out of education – not just in developing countries, but also our own. A dignified way to deal with your period shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a right.

Reetah is also a volunteer for Christchurch Aunties which helps mobilise, donate, and coordinate to help families at four of the women’s refuges in our city. Anyone can be an Auntie – regardless of whether you identify with a particular gender or not.

MyCup NZ has teamed up with Reetah to get cups out to people who need them most in our Christchurch Community via the Christchurch Battered Womens Trust!

We think that Reetah is an exceptional human being!

Use code: “chchaunties” to donate a cup to the Reetah amazing work in our community here in Christchurch. 

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