Reusable Period Product Guide

Reusable Period Product Guide

First thing to remember is that you can use your reusable menstrual products in conjunction with your current disposable products. This will help you make the switch by allowing you to slowly use all of your one off products that you already have in supply but then never having to buy them again (WooHoo). Consider getting a menstrual cup first and using pads as a backup. Then, as you build up your collection of period underwear, you can slowly reduce the number of pads you use for each period until you no longer need disposables! 

Here’s a handy guide on what items to stock up on for your eco-friendly period collection: 

Get yourself a couple of MyCup menstrual cups that work for your flow. Buying 2 cups means you will always have a clean, sterile spare cup to insert on the go. Or, if your cervix is prone to height changes during your cycle, a second cup of a different size will keep you comfortable throughout your period. We even have a great deal going at the moment to help you stock your reusable period collection! Buy 3 MyCup menstrual cups to get 30% off! Use our code Mycup30 on check out.  

Don’t forget the amazing Love Luna period underwear! You can wear these bad boys on their own if you’d like, or pair them with your cup for a worry-free period. We recommend buying 7 or more pairs when using them exclusively, or about 5 pairs when using in conjunction with your MyCup menstrual cup. This way you will be completely covered for the duration of your period, even on those pesky irregular months. 

For extra protection, you may wish to opt for some reusable pads or liners.  

Don’t forget to accessorise! Cup wash and sterilising tablets are an absolute must-have for your reusable period journey.  

And every single item you need is available on our website! We are fully stocked, so what are you waiting for?? Shop Now!

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