The Menstrual Cup Guide

The Menstrual Cup Guide

Using a menstrual cup is easy, but it does take some practice to get used to!  

Here’s a handy guide to menstrual cups: 

How to insert your cup: 

First, find a quiet and comfortable space, your own bathroom is a good place to start. Take a deep breath and relax your vaginal muscles. Fold your cup, you should consider a fold that suits your body, there are many to choose from, such as the C fold, the S fold, or if you’re a menstrual cup veteran, perhaps the origami fold!

Slide it in with care - use a lubricant if that makes it easier for you. You should let your cup sit exactly how a tampon would; as high as you can make it go. If you feel your cup while it is in, you have it sitting in your vagina too low. Once your cup is in place, remove your fingers from your vagina. Bravo! 

How to remove your cup: 

To remove, find the base of your cup by feeling for the Cup stem, this wee guy is not to be pulled on, it is simply there to help you locate your cup in your vagina. Gently squeeze the base of the cup to break the seal and carefully pull it out. 

How to clean and sterilise your cup: 

Empty your cup of all liquid. Wash your cup under some running water with a mild cup cleaner, such as the MyCup menstrual cup wash, using your fingers to gently scrub the cup as you go. 

Sterilise your cup using the Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets. Dissolve the tablet into a jar of water that is filled enough to cover the entire cup. Add your cup into the jar and leave for as little as 15 minutes.  

Let the cup air dry in the sun for the best sterilisation.  

How to store your cup: 

Pop your cup away in your MyCup bag or a storage container. Tuck it away in a drawer with your other reusable period products, so they are ready to be used again next month! 


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