Time to get Ziggy with it

Time to get Ziggy with it

We have all been there. You have your period and you are feeling a little bit frisky. Your partner is down for a some period sex but, it does leave you wondering if your menstrual cup is equipped for a romp in the sheets… 

Short answer no! Solution = Say hello to the ZIGGY CUP! A menstrual cup designed to be used for sex! 

The Ziggy cup is available in 2 sizes, 

 Ziggy Cup Size A: Smaller: For first time users and lighter flow. 

Ziggy Cup Size B: Larger for experienced users and heavier flow. 

The main reasons why it is not safe to have sex with a regular cup is... 

  • A menstrual cup is already taking up space in your vagina. Lets not force it to accommodate, a penis, sex toy or finger.  
  • Your partner will absolutely feel it, it could possibly cause them discomfort. 
  • Your cup could get jammed up against your cervix causing you pain. Crying out because of a sharp jab is not sexy.  
  • Your cup might be shifted during penetrative sex, making it really hard to remove! Not an enjoyable task.  

 The list of why ZIGGY Cup is your cup to use in your heavy petting moment.... 

  • Ziggy Cup is designed to sit right under your cervix, tucked behind your pubic bone and well out of the way of your vaginal canal  
  • It is wider and flatter so generally sits closer to the cervix when you are getting busy so your partner should not be able to feel it.  
  • It is made of soft hospital grade silicone and is not super ridged so easily moves with your body 
  • It will not move around while you have sex so removal should be just as easy as insertion.  

If the Ziggy cup sounds like you the MyCup website have it on board ready for you to purchase. We have both sizes in stock, so don’t hesitate! Your period penetration awaits!    

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