Weather Or Not: Can The Weather Affect My Period?

Weather Or Not: Can The Weather Affect My Period?

Ever feel like your period is as unpredictable as the weather? Well, there might be a correlation after all. While the occasional irregularity is normal, if your cycle is consistently haywire, it might be worth a chat with your GP.

Forget the myth of a regimented 28-day cycle. For many, that’s a far cry from reality. Surprisingly, one culprit behind this inconsistency could be the changing of the seasons. If you've noticed your periods dragging on longer or becoming more painful during the winter months, there could be a scientific explanation behind the scenes.

Sunlight & Serotonin: Shedding Light on Period Pain

As we explored earlier this month, the reduced sunlight exposure during winter can significantly impact our endocrine system, which regulates the hormones responsible for controlling our periods.

Vitamin D, primarily sourced from the sun, has also been linked not only to our mood but also to our menstrual cycles. Research suggests that higher levels of vitamin D may correlate with reduced period pain. So, catching those precious winter rays or considering vitamin D supplements could potentially help keep your periods running smoothly.

Winter Hibernation: From Couch Potato to Active Advocate

As temperatures drop, so does our inclination to venture outdoors. It's all too tempting to become a sedentary hermit during the winter months. But cosying up on the couch can have consequences for your cycle. You might find that your cramps intensify as a result. One solution? Keep active year-round.

While it might seem counterintuitive to exercise when you're feeling tired and crampy, many women report experiencing less pain associated with menstruation when exercise is part of their routine. Plus, getting outside and soaking up as much sun as possible can boost your mood and potentially alleviate some of those pesky period symptoms.

Climate Change & Its Impact on Our Cycles

Beyond the seasonal fluctuations, it's worth considering the more permanent—and potentially damaging—changes occurring in our environment. As climate change leads to more frequent and severe weather events, the risk of disruptions to young girls' first periods increases. This can have long-term health implications, from fertility issues to mental health concerns.

So, it's vital that we take steps to protect our planet—starting with our periods. Even small changes, like switching to eco-friendly period products, can make a significant difference. Did you know that flushing tampons and pads can harm our ecosystems? MyCup offers a sustainable solution, from menstrual cups to period underwear and reusable pads. Try our Eco Warrior Stock Up Bundle or MyCup Triple Pack to kickstart your sustainable period care journey today.

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