What does it actually mean to have an environmentally free period?

What does it actually mean to have an environmentally free period?

MyCup want you to try something…  

Say out loud, these 3 words.   

‘Environmentally Friendly Period’  

What do those words mean to you? 


For us, it means no plastics, it means using reusable period products over and over again. It means supporting our planet and ridding it of green gasses and chocker block land fills that are stacked with crap that wont break down. It means money saving, It means ridding our country of period poverty….for good.   

So much meaning behind 3 little words, but with massive impact.  

Did you know it can take up to 500 years for one sanitary product to break down in a landfill. That means the very first sanitary products you used as a 10+ year old person is still out there, filling up our gorgeous green earth! How crazy is that to think about?  

Us gals at MyCup like to practise what we preach! We love testing out the product and we are proud to announce that 98% of us have environmentally free periods every month. Some use cups, some use Love Luna’s and some even combine the magic of both for that double protection.  

It’s ok if you are not down for trying reusable products yet, you’re reading this blog and that to us is exciting! You are pondering an environmentally free period, with no plastics, and using reusable period products for the first time Go you!  

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