Why do MyCups come in 3 different sizes?

Why do MyCups come in 3 different sizes?

Why do MyCups come in 3 different sizes? 

Short answer: because everybody is different! 

Long answer: everyone has a unique body, we call come in different shapes, sizes and flows. It is important to find a cup that is suitable for your own flow and body, and we make this easier by providing different options.  

We believe that everyone deserves a comfortable fit. So, whether you're younger, haven't given birth, or have a higher cervix, there's a cup size that's just right for you.  

Smaller cups can be a great option for beginners, while larger cups offer a secure fit and extra confidence for those who have given birth or have a higher cervix. 

Here’s what MyCup has to offer: 

MyCup size 0 is perfect for teens who have not tried a menstrual cup before. It is a very small cup, so it’s great for beginners who are discovering their bodies and trying to figure out which menstrual product works best for them. 

MyCup size 1 is perfect for people of all ages even if you’ve never used a cup before. It’s a perfect fit for someone who has a lower cervix, and for those who would use a regular tampon. 

MyCup Size 2 is perfect for women who have experience with cups and are finding a size 1 cup is too small for their body or flow. It’s suitable for women who have given birth or would use a super tampon for the majority of their period.  

As you can see, MyCup is all about making your experience as effective, and convenient as possible. 

If you are unsure of which size cup is best for you, give our vagenius a call! 0800 692 876  or we have a trusty quiz on our website, when you answer a couple of simple questions you will find the right reusable products for you.  


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