Winter Money Saving Tips!

Winter Money Saving Tips!

Winter is officially here, and we all know what that means... 

We crank up the heat! And our power bills. 

Here are some tips on how to reduce your winter power costs: 

  1. Use your curtains or blinds effectively by opening them when the sun is up and closing them 30 minutes before the sun goes down, trapping heat in your house without having to use a power source is key.  
  2. Layer yourself in warm clothing and lower your thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees. Use blankets and hot water bottles too! 
  3. Try to keep your showers short. It can be tempting to stay in the nice hot water for longer, but heating your water takes a considerable amount of power. 
  4. Insulate your home: Proper insulation helps to eliminate heat loss and optimising energy efficiency. Here in NZ you could be eligible for the Home Insulation Subsidy, It’s definitely worth checking out. 
  5. By jumping on the reusable menstrual products band wagon, the money you save each month not purchasing one time use menstrual products can go towards other needs.  

By switching to reusable alternatives, such as menstrual cups or period underwear, you can reduce your monthly spending for years to come. 

The upfront cost of a menstrual cup may be higher than disposables, but you can reuse your cup for up to 10 years.  With the cost of a pack of regular disposable pads sitting around $5.99 each, you could save up to $100 per year by making the switch to reusable menstrual products. 

The money that you save by choosing to reuse can then go toward more costly winter expenses, such as your power or water bill. 

And there’s nothing more uncomfortable than being cold and having to deal with your period. So, make your comfort a priority this winter with all that MyCup has on offer! 

Grab yourself a pair of Love Luna period underwear or a MyCup menstrual cup so that you can stay comfortable, warm and dry during your period. Forget about having to get out from underneath your snuggly blanket so frequently, because your menstrual cup and Love Lunas are good to be worn for up to 8 hours. 

Take a moment to consider your comfort and your wallet this winter, and for future winters to come, and make the switch to reusable menstrual products.


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