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Love Luna

Love Luna Super Period Short

Love Luna Super Period Short

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Just like us our periods come in all shapes and sizes, and can change every single month. Love Luna period short is a great on trend shape, perfect for complete comfort and coverage and suitable for every body type! With an extended internal gusset panel, these are ideal for wearing at night to give you that extra piece of mind while you sleep.

Love Luna Super Period Short is made from organic cotton, these period briefs are taking a more environmental approach which is so much nicer for both you and our planet. Fun fact, it’s even more durable than regular cotton! This breathable organic cotton feels amazing next to your skin. As well as keeping the planet safe from pesky disposables, we like to keep you safe too! That’s why these Love Luna Period products are PFAS free.

Colour: Black or Cornflower

Know your flow: Super Period Shorties are designed to absorb approximately 40ml (5-6 regular tampons).

Gentle Flow: If you flow 20-40mls over 4-6 hours then this underwear will work well for you.

Heavy Flow: This underwear will work well for a heavy flow!

“Gush Flow”: If you “gush” 15ml-20mls all at once on and off throughout the day then this underwear may also work for you!

Back up: This underwear is the perfect partner when using a menstrual cup or tampons!

** Please check the size chart before purchasing. WE DO NOT EXCHANGE OR REFUND ANY PERIOD UNDERWEAR STYLE FOR HYGIENE REASONS. We suggest buying one pair first to check the size. 

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