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Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

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A gorgeous blend of naturally supercharged ingredients creates a full-strength natural deodorant to keep you fresh all day. The pure, yet potent plant-based and natural ingredients target the source of body odour - bacteria - that's why it's so effective! This creamy soft base nourishes and protects your skin, while natural essential oils leave you with a subtle natural scent.

What's in it?
- Pure coconut oil brings antibacterial power, while sodium bicarb effectively deactivates the odour-causing bacteria.
- Kaolin clay helps to absorb moisture, leaving a matte finish. No sticky or oily residue.
- Shea and mango butters create a creamy, soft and easy-to-apply base, that nourishes the skin keeping it moisturized and soft.
- Rose geranium essential oil gives a gentle hint of soft and romantic rose - so you won't find any trace of synthetic fragrances here. It's also our most popular scent.

"The birth of my first son ignited an instinctual need to cut chemicals. The process was fairly easy until it came to deodorant. I tried everything else out there and nothing worked, so I had to create my own."
- Sarah, Little Mango Founder

Why use a natural deodorant?
You wouldn't eat toxic chemicals, right? Well, think about this - when we consume food, it is broken down by our liver and digestive system, yet when we apply something to our skin, it can enter our bloodstream without being metabolized. So really, using toxic skincare, like the harsh chemicals found in deodorants and antiperspirants, can be worse than eating it!
Typical deodorants use aluminium and block the pores to stop sweating, sometimes with harsh ingredients like aluminium, that have been linked to being cancer-causing.

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