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Period Swim Full Brief Black

Period Swim Full Brief Black

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Oh no I couldn't, could I? Go for a swim on my period? Hell yes you can! Jump on in girl, because these period swim briefs have got your back! 

Period Swim Full Brief

Think you can’t swim on your period? Think again! Luna Swim is here, designed to protect you from sneaky leaks in and out of the water. Perfect for light periods, bladder leaks, those spotting days in-between or when you’re not quite sure your period will arrive.

A classic bikini shape with a Luna twist. Featuring water repellent fabric, medium bum coverage and discreet built-in four layer protection that feels like a normal swimsuit.

** Please check the size chart before purchasing. WE DO NOT EXCHANGE OR REFUND ANY STYLE OF PERIOD UNDERWEAR FOR HYGIENE REASONS. We suggest buying one pair first to check the size.


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